Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The farm:

Here at the WhistlePig Farm in Shoreham, Vermont, we've spent the past couple of stiflingly hot weeks unfortunately engaged in the physical labor of bottling and shipping several hundred cases of whiskey, a decidedly arduous task (but more on that later).  Luckily, we've also been able to do some work in slightly cooler environs, completing the editing on what will hopefully be an interesting couple of videos straight from Raj and Dave.  We've already posted one from our Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, but here's a follow up from Proprietor Raj Bhakta, talking about the past -- and future -- of the WhistlePig Farm.  We hope you enjoy it.

The Farm from WhistlePig Whiskey on Vimeo.


  1. Mike:
    I have a home in Quechee. Where can I purchase whistlepig in VT?

  2. I bought a bottle last night in Brooklyn, it was very nice.

  3. Sipping my first glass of Whistlepig. Very smooth, with terrific taste - nice! My daughter gave me two bottles, one to drink and one signed by Dave Pickerell to save. Our first encounter with the name "Whistlepig" came in 1986 in Smokey Mountains National Park. According to one of the historical markers in the park, that's what the locals call woodchucks/ground hogs that whistle.

  4. Raj, you are a true American, I love your approach, can't wait to see what is in your future!

    Nice bow ties by the way...

  5. I understand that the Whistle Pig whisky is entirely distilled in Canada, but is bottled in Vermont. Is that true?

  6. Raj and Dave:

    Whistle Pig is the remarkable! An American Rye that competes with the finest whiskeys from anywhere in the world! This Christmas, all my special friends will receive a bottle.

    M. Watters
    Chatsworth, CA

  7. So, here is the deal...Checked out my bottle of Whistle Pig...thinking it was a pure Vermont product...and discovered it is "imported from Canada." So, whats all this fully sustainable stuff that permeates this website....frankly, I like Whistle Pig..but a HUGE part of its allure WAS that it was a Vermont product...you know..home grown brew...alas, it originates in the great Northwoods. Now, I like canada and all..that is why God invented Canadian whisky at about 1/10 the price. So, whats the deal..Whistle Piggers.