Friday, September 17, 2010

Tasting Notes

Check out our Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, chat with Tenzing Wine and Spirits Master Sommelier, Fernando Beteta


  1. Went into a local liquor store today and much to my surprise,not only did they have WhistlePig,but it was on sale for $59.99.-Bought 2 bottles. I'm now happy as a pig in-You know the rest.--Jett

  2. Would it surprise you to find the product of Canada wording at the bottom of the bottle. It did me. I first found it on an american craft distiller shelf at a bar in Rehobeth DE. I started reading the bottle and found that little gem. Do Canadian distillery use new American Oak Barrels, or North American Barrels. There is a difference.

    What came as the biggest shock with this Canadian verbiage, was that the parent company started by Raj, is Go America Go Beverages, part of Go America Go. Check out their website. Its own mission statement is this:

    "GoAmericaGo! is a patriotic movement dedicated to engaging the competitive American spirit to keep America ahead."

    How does using a canadian made whiskey fit in with this mission. It may be a great whiskey but it's story is questionably deceptive at best.

  3. so wait a sec, this guys a chem engineer and chemist, and he's not even making his own stuff? why is anybody paying money for it? no offense, but if ur gonna give me the impression that you know what ur doing and ur a chemist and all, then i feel cheated that you cant make your own product. i feel like this guy is a good representation of the whiskey industry today: smart people who should know better trying to fool the customer.